BG blew up on the scene with his smash single “Bling Bling” and makes the term a common used word and accepted into the oxford dictionary. After his departure from Cash Money, BG is still hitting hard with his latest release under Chopper City Records. Check out this interview and see why this former Hot Boy is still on fire!
Interview by Rob Schwartz
WHO?MAG: How did you first get involved in the music industry?
B.G.: I started out when I was young in elementary school just playing around and banging on the desk and freestyling and rhyming for my homies from around the way. They were like “wow, he’s going off and spitting and all that.” With Big & Slim, since we are all from the same neighborhood, we knew each other since we were about 7 or 8 years old. That was before they started the label. The barber that would cut our hair knew that I could rap so he told them about me and they came around the hood and put me on the spot. They told me to kick something, so I kicked something and the rest is history.

WHO?MAG: This is now your third album on Koch under Chopper City Records. What are the advantages and disadvantages from going from a major like Universal to your own imprint?
B.G.: You get more money. I’m running my show independently. I’m calling my own shots at the end of the day. It’s really that if I fail and if it don’t go through, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. Back then, someone else had my career and they were beating me. Nowadays, I surround myself with good people who have my best interest.

WHO?MAG: Now that the Oxford Dictionary officially coins “Bling Bling” as a phrase, what is your take on this now being a common used term?
B.G.: I made me feel real good about myself. I never thought that could happen in the hood or in the streets period.

WHO?MAG: The new album contains cameos from a lot of Chopper City Recording artist. How do you determine who you will sign under your label?
B.G.: I already had my roster set up and I like messing with guys who are ready to grind and put in the work and don’t expect it to happen overnight. The game doesn’t happen overnight. You have to pay your dues and do the groundwork. I just look for artists that are real. If we are going to do business, then we have to make the effort to make it happen. I don’t look for artists that are stuck on themselves cause we have a million rappers out here. I don’t want someone who is like “Oh, he’s going to sign me and I’m going to go platinum.” It just ain’t that easy, so I look more for rappers with hard work and dedication.

WHO?MAG: If there is one thing you could change about the hip-hop game, what would that be?
B.G.: Start letting some real rappers get rich and stop these weak rappers from getting rich cause they don’t know how to keep it real. Some rappers get rich and don’t want to help another rapper get rich. My motto is “I’m going to get rich and then help someone else get rich.” People are too selfish nowadays when there’s enough money for everybody.