Bishop Lamont
The name Bishop Lamont has recently developed the latest buzz in the music industry. Working with some of the biggest west coast names, the anticipation for his debut album has his fans hungry and other rappers nervous. If you haven’t heard, then get your first look at tomorrow’s next break thru artist today!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: What do you consider a successful studio session?
Bishop Lamont: Coming out with a hit, period. You need to have people with the same objective, no ego’s, banging beats, and good energy. Also, you’re trying to help make the other person better & vice versa.

WHO?MAG: There are a lot of upcoming artists trying to come out. How can an upcoming artist “Get Recognized?”
Bishop Lamont: First it’s all about God and where he wants you to be. Secondly, it’s about your rhyme. Really at the end of the day, I am standing where I am today not because of my talent, but because of relationships. It’s about really just having people believing in your music. You have to be able to take rejection and take criticism. You have to realize that at the end of the day, the game doesn’t owe you shit. I had a conversation with one artist who was like “I’m tired, I’m just so tired. I’ve been recording for a while.” I was like “what are you so tired for? If you’re recording, what are you recording for?” It’s for your own good. The game don’t owe you shit. People don’t want to hear that you’re tired. Puff Daddy used to be a background dancer for Father MC, then he worked for Uptown, then he worked for Andre Harrell, now Andre works for him. He owns his own label and that’s all about working hard and giving 100%. Mess with the streets, the DJ’s, the internet, whatever you can. Mike Jones is making music for strippers. His name comes on a hundred times while the girls are stripping and that’s just him promoting himself. The key to the game at this point is to really be original with your approach.

WHO?MAG: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would that be?
Bishop Lamont: Everybody can’t have records and everybody can’t have a label. I would have some kind of prerequisite before people get in the game. But even that could be twisted due to haters. There are so many weak artists in the game that talk about how they are from the streets but know nothing about it. I can’t get rid of all of them, but I’m going to be coming for them, believe that! I have enough people riding with me so we will balance out the game 50/50.

WHO?MAG: How does an artist create a street buzz?
Bishop Lamont: I hate to sound like I’m repeating myself, but again it starts again with God and having the right people. Make sure you make music that people will like. You have to make sure that more than just your momma likes it. It has to be universal. When you talk about something, everybody has to be able to understand it. It’s okay to be lyrical, but understand that if you are going to make music for the world, then make it for the world. Also, it’s not about calling up to the radio station, but about going up to the radio station. Don’t be afraid to get doors slammed in your face. I went through it and now the same door is wide open with people with drinks in their hands. So I’m living proof that people know what’s up with it. Also go to the record pools. I always see DJ Warrior, Rampage and DJ Strong in the streets. Approach them and give them a CD. Give them a call back the same night. Hit it at all different angles as well as using the internet and going to the labels. The labels may not let you up, but you never know. Hit them when they’re outside and getting into their ride. Just holler at them. The most priceless thing you can have on your side is to ask questions. Most people believe that the game should be sold not told. Some people may realize that you are on your grind and appreciate that. If you just get information, you can make it yourself. Also always ask for the opportunity to earn the opportunity. Anyone coming at me with that line, I’m going to work with.

WHO?MAG: Before it was always east coast/west coast. Now it’s the south. What’s going on with the west coast?
Bishop Lamont: Everything is still going on out here. We still got it popping. Just because it’s nighttime in Alaska and day over here, the sun never stops shining. People have been on their grind. Now since the success of Game and Guerilla Black, the focus is now back to the west. We had our own reign for a while, but then we had our own problems that needed to be rectified. Now our 2nd come around we are getting rectified as far as our street ties and our gang bang thing and letting these new rappers have their run with it. We always had hip-hop in every fashion. It’s hard to categories the west for what it is. Ras Kass, Ahmad, and Souls of Mischief’s were all from here. Don’t get it twisted that people from the west can’t rhyme. MC Ren can rhyme and he’s from Compton. E-40 is one of the dopest MC’s ever. He had his own slang dictionary. Some people would put him in their top 40, but he’s in my top 5. We have some of the best producers out here as well.