Bone, Thugs, and Harmony
Hip hop legendary group Bone, Thugs, and Harmony are back on Ruthless Records with a new 20th Anniversary album. Layzie Bone and Krayzie Bone give us this exclusive interview on working with the legendary Notorious Big with “Notorious thugs”, former producer DJ U-Neek, and Swizz Beatz. Check out this exclusive interview with these legends.
By William Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the new album you guys put out THUGS?
Lazyie Bone: That’s a collaboration for the 20th anniversary of Ruthless Records. That’s how we got our start with Eazy-E and Ruthless Records, so we’re always going to show love anytime it has anything to do with Eazy-E.
Krazyie Bone: : Definitely. We just shot a video for the song on there “Young Thugs” that should be coming out sometime soon. Be looking out for that.

WHO?MAG: How did the album come about?
Krazyie Bone: : It was basically songs that we recorded a long time ago. It was songs that we recorded that didn’t make it on the last album that we did for Ruthless. They kept all those songs and decided to put it out and asked us to be a part of it. Since it’s the 20th anniversary, they were making it the 20th anniversary album.

WHO?MAG: What other projects are you guys working on right now?
Lazyie Bone: We’re on the road right now. We call ourselves the Rolling Stones of hip hop because we’re always out doing shows. After we finish up this tour, we plan to go in and get started on our next record. We’re also working on another movie called “Ghetto Cowboys”. We’re pretty much staying busy. We got our own labels and artists that we’re working with that we’re trying to get their projects out there also.

WHO?MAG: Are you guys happy with the “Loyalty” album you put out last year?
Lazyie Bone: Definitely! We thought it was a great album and our fans appreciated it. Our biggest thing is to stay real current with our fans, not to have too many breaks like in the past, which is all about business, but it has to be right for us to do our thing.

WHO?MAG: How did you guys hook up with Swizz Beats?
Krazyie Bone: It was through his representative and our representatives at the time. Swizz heard that we didn’t have deal and said “I’m a big fan of Bone and I would love to work with you guys and get you back to center stage”. We were like “let’s do it”. He flew us out to New York and we went into the studio and we banged out like 25 cuts in two weeks. It was just on from there.

WHO?MAG: What’s the situation with DJ U-Neek?
Lazyie Bone: He’s still around. I’m going to try to get him involved in this next project for sure. We didn’t want to stay stuck to one producer or one sound. We wanted to show everybody that we’re versatile. We wanted to show that we can work with anybody or anybody who wants to work with us.

WHO?MAG: How did the song “Notorious Thugs” with Biggie come about?
Krazyie Bone: We were in California at the time and so were they. Puff called us that Big wanted to get y’all on the album and to come through. We went to the studio heard the track and got down with it. He definitely told us that we influenced him to do our style on the song. How he did it? He really killed it.