The DC native Boobe has been making a lot of noise lately with his new single and album. After charting in Billboard, Boobe has performed with Juvenile and Geto Boys. Check out this interview with DC’s next up!
WHO?MAG: Who is Boobe?
Boobe: I’m one of the coolest Cat’s you will ever see coming out of the “District” (Washington D.C.). I’m a CEO, an Artist, a person who started rapping to get away from negative stuff, and its working for me.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the hip-hop scene in “The District” (Washington DC).
Boobe: The hip hop scene in D.C. has gotten huge. A lot of youngins are getting into the game. Wale’s making a lot of noise. Tabi’s is doing his thing too. Also Like Blood, just to name a few.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the new single “Can’t Deal Without the Money”.
Boobe: The single doing good. The spins are picking up every day. The video has been on BET.COM, MTV Jams, over 500,000 hits on YouTube, It’s getting bigger by the day.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about your label Oneway Records.
Boobe: Oneway Records was founded by me in 2001. I had to change the name to OYBOYZ Records in 2004. I have a R&B Artist name Ms. Kim and a rap group called Young Farmers. My Partner is Don Choo. We have a lot of good music that is about to be released very soon.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the indy album “One Way Up” and why you think it did so well.
Boobe: The indy album sold over 5000 copies on Soundscan, over 15000 in the streets and still selling with no radio play or marketing plan behind it.

WHO?MAG: How did you feel seeing yourself charted in Billboard?
Boobe: I didn’t believe it made it on to the Billboard charts. It feels like I knew I was meant to do music.

WHO?MAG: How was it performing with The Geto Boys?
Boobe: I come up on the Ghetto Boys, so performing and recording with Scarface was big to me. They are Legends in the game.

WHO?MAG: How did you hook up with Juvenile?
Boobe: I got Juvenile’s Managers number. I called, met him in the “A”, recorded at the Outlawz Studio and it was a wrap.

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Boobe?
Boobe: What’s next for Boobe is to be in the people face a lot more. More videos on TV, more interviews in magazine and on the internet, and get my artists out there as well. What’s now is the street album hosted by DJ Cannon, “When Money Talk People Listen”.