Daz Dillinger
Daz Dillinger was one of the most influential west coast representatives to date. He has participated in production/performing in some of the most classic hip-hop CD’s in history including Dr. Dre’s “Chronic”, Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle”, 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me”, and many more including his own “Dogg Food” with Kurupt when the two of them were tha Dogg Pound. Daz is still grinding dropping a variety on new albums including a solo album, a sampling album, and new album with Kurupt, and much more to come!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: There has been a huge increased momentum for the buzz for your upcoming album with Kurupt. What is going to make “Dillenger & Young Gotti” different from your previous releases?
DAZ DILLINGER: Just being back in the studio making that hard shit. That’s all.

WHO?MAG: What are some of your key promotional techniques for this album?
DAZ DILLINGER: I’m using the Internet, the street, TV, and radio.

WHO?MAG: Which do you prefer and why? Producing or rapping?
DAZ DILLINGER: I prefer producing . It let’s me make the artists who they really are. I get to have people’s heads turning like “Damn, that beat is smacking in the club!”

WHO?MAG: As far as production, what signifies the Daz Dillinger sound?
DAZ DILLINGER: What do you think makes the Daz Dillenger sound? The bass? The way it is beating in the car? What do you think? I got to have the beat rattling in the trunk.

WHO?MAG: In your opinion, what signifies “the west coast sound?”
DAZ DILLINGER: It’s the classic sounds like a lot of funk and sounds like that. The sound got to beating hard. The beat got to be gang-banging on the track and shit like that.

WHO?MAG: What would you like the name Daz Dillinger to be remembered for fifty years from now?
DAZ DILLINGER: I would like to be known for making some tight-ass music and just contributing to the game. I have been around for seventeen years straight and I’m still in the game. A lot of people from that long you really don’t hear from no more.

WHO?MAG: What was your drive behind dropping “Samplin’ To The Beat Of The Drum?”
DAZ DILLINGER: I just wanted to give people the chance to sample stuff that they didn’t usually get like rhythms and high hats. Back in the day when I was growing up there used to be a lot of break beat records. You know? Right now, there aren’t really that many. That’s what I’m trying to bring back, break beat records.

WHO?MAG: What advice can you give an upcoming producer with a small budget?
DAZ DILLINGER: Just keep you r music beating, man. Always try to come up with some clever stuff. Make sure you have god rhythms.

WHO?MAG: What’s the biggest flaw you notice in hip-hop today?
DAZ DILLINGER: A lot of these rapper be bullshitting. They lately have been trying to gank a muthafucker and jip him. That’s hip-hop now-a-days. Everybody is trying to jip somebody else.

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Daz Dillinger?
DAZ DILLINGER: Right now were in California and I’m about to go into this meeting right now with Snoop about to work on “Welcome to the Church” The Album. Then I’m working on this compilation for the Dogg Pound. Then on November 1st, I have the DPG Album that drops. Then I shoot a video off the “Young, Fly, and Flashy” called “I’m Hot” featuring Young Capone and T-Rock. Next is my solo album. Also I have a Kurupt and Young Gotti album called “DPG presents Young Gotti”. That drops February with beats by Daz and written by Kurupt. I’m just trying to keep it in the mode.