Diego Ca$h
Now signed with NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, NY native Diego Ca$h is preparing his new album release under Krossover Entertainment. Diego, now living in Atlanta, talks about working with Rick Ross, his crew The Running mates, and more!
interview by Thato Dadson

WHO?MAG: Tell me about your new Album “Language Arts”?
Diego Ca$h: It’s my debut album which is going to feature artist like Rick
Ross, Raheem DeVaughn, and Cassidy, just to name a few. It’s going to have
some of my own group members, The Running Mates, but it’s still in
development and there’s still more to be done to it.

WHO?MAG: What makes your style unique?
Diego Ca$h: My style is unique because it’s a mix of a New York and Atlanta
style, so you couldn’t call me an east coast rapper or a south rapper. I’m
more in between.

WHO?MAG: Did moving to Atlanta (from NY) change your music??
Diego Ca$h: Yes, it definitely influenced me in, not only my music, but me too.

WHO?MAG: What can you tell me about The Running Mates?
Diego Ca$h: The Running Mates is my whole clique; DJ’s, producers, street team,
and more. But as a rap group, it’s just me and my partner Al G.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about Krossover Entertainment.
Diego Ca$h: Krossover Entertainment is not only a music company, but it’s a
film company too. I’m the first artist under the label, followed by Cassidy. Krossover is currently pushing the Mike Tyson Documentary, which was in the Cannes and Sundance Film festivals, which got 20 minute standing ovations. And I don’t want to forget that Krossover is owned by Carmelo Anthony.

WHO?MAG: How is it working with Rick Ross?
Diego Ca$h: It was real cool. I got it hooked up with Cool and Dre.

WHO?MAG: What has been your favorite TV appearance?
Diego Ca$h: I would have to say Direct Effects, because it was more so a real
live interview for me. It was about a year ago before I had my music
really out. I just had the street buzz.

WHO?MAG: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
Diego Ca$h: I would have to say people like Nas, AZ, Tupac, 8ball and MJG. I
listen to a lot of old school rap.

WHO?MAG: How did you hook up w/ Carmelo Anthony?
Diego Ca$h: We basically knew each other back in New York. We were both in
the same friend circle. He would have my demos or mixtapes and would be
playing them in the locker rooms. Then one day, someone came to him
talking about starting up a label with me. He flew me out to see him
and then after that, me and him pushed it forward. Now we have Cassidy
under us and my man Stu running the label. And ever since then it’s been
full fledge.

WHO?MAG: How has your music matured to prep for this album?
Diego Ca$h: You can ask anybody that your first album will embody a complete
reflection of yourself, so you can listen to my songs and you will hear different parts of my life. In my album, you will only hear me and not big label people or A&Rs speaking, just me. And with all the features, I’m bringing them into my world, so you’re still getting me with the
influence from them. So I definitely want people to be to feel me and feel what I’ve been through