Miami’s latest artist Eady is here with his latest release SKNOB LIFE. Check out this exclusive interview with Eady as he discusses his association with Big Bank Music and life in Miami.
by Will Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Tell me about SKNOB LIFE.
EADY: Well, the SKNOB LIFE talks about what’s behind me. It’s an acronym that means “Solemnly Kneeling near Our Beloved Lord Innocently for Eternity”

WHO?MAG: Growing up in the streets of Miami, how has that influenced your music?
EADY: Well, I don’t really influence the music, it just gives me a stepping stone to make my music. I don’t regret my struggle or where I come from.

WHO?MAG: How did you get your deal with Big Bank Music Productions?
EADY: You know, I don’t know? I’ve known the CEOs and head guys at Big Bank for a while and they were feeling my music and saw I was doing my thing. We were all looking in the same direction in music and it just clicked.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about your first single “Dope Pusher”?
EADY: Well, what can I say about it? That song was kinda released to the streets to early because when we gave it to the DJ and he ran with it and got it moving. At the time, we weren’t ready, but once we saw the reaction from it, we ran with it too.

WHO?MAG: Who can you say was your biggest inspiration musically?
EADY: I feel that everyone that has done it and made it in the game. I have no problem with anybody that maybe a one hit wonder because they all went through the struggle and were able to make it out there.

WHO?MAG: Being a rapper and producer, does it make life easier for you musically?
EADY: Honestly, it has because it saves time and money which in turn makes things easier because it’s all me.

WHO?MAG: Breaking into the hip-hop game, what were some of the toughest
challenges you faced so far?
EADY: To be honest, it has been to try to predict the response from the people.

WHO?MAG: How would you categorize the Miami hip-hop sound?
EADY: I would say it’s the best place in the world. It has its own flavor that I just love. God blessed me when he said I should be born in Miami.

WHO?MAG: What changes would you like to see happen in hip-hop?
EADY: I would like to see the truth come out. It would be good to see artist for who they are. There’s too many of this rappers pretending what they aren’t. Like hip hop isn’t dead because it’s going through its revival.

WHO?MAG: What can we expect from Eady in the future?
EADY: I couldn’t even tell you man, but you can only expect great things from me. It’s gonna be a whole other mood change. It’s gonna be emotional music now. Like when you hear my music, it’s gonna make it own emotion. So the emotion the song pertains to is feeling it’s going to give. I’m trying to change emotions and minds of the people, because I want to use my music to unite. And now I have a voice to really help the people.