After exploding on the scene through Wu-Tang, Ghostface has chiseled a name for himself in the industry through his raw lyrics and unforgettable sound. Now with his new album “Fishscale”, Ghostface comes even harder than before. Check out this 3rd installment of our Wu-Tang interviews and see what Ghostface has to say about his new album
Interview by Will Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Talk to me about your new album Fishscale?
Ghostface: Fishscale is nothing but crack. It’s crack right now, you know what I mean? Ya’ll niggas get ready to freebase that shit when I throw it out. Go cop that shit. It’s a nice vibe of music right there. I think niggas that really love me and love my sound they appreciate that shit.

WHO?MAG: Who do you have as far as producers on the album?
Ghostface: I got Pete Rock, [MF] Doom, Just Blaze, Kanye West. I got mmmmmm J Dilla, The Wise men, Lewis Parker, and Studio Steve.

WHO?MAG: Speaking of J Dilla, what are your thoughts on his unfortunate passing?
Ghostface: May he rest in peace. Thank you for the music and when it’s my turn to go, we’ll see him. The Day of Judgment and it’s all good. Love is love and thanks you for the track baby. It’s Dilla forever.

WHO?MAG: The track you did with K DEF “It’s Over” on The Pretty Toney album was dope. Do you plan to work with him again?
Ghostface: That’s my man. I didn’t work with him on this album. It depends if I come across him with some tracks. You know what I mean?