In this interview GMFB talks about it all.
By William Hernandez


GMFB: GMFB is Phonz, Ice, and Babiface.  It stands for “Get Money For Business”.  Initially it stands for “Get Money”… you know the rest.  We switched that up because we’re more business.  We have a lot of business opportunities that we’re striving for.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about your music style.  What makes it different from other artists?
GMFB: Our style is very versatile.  It’s definitely real universal. Actually you could put us anywhere on the map and we can rock it up.  We have three different styles within our group, but they all mix together and just make GMFB.  Definitely with the different personalities, you can definitely tell where each one of the verses to make it versatile. Like Dre is for the ladies, Phonz is more like for everybody, and I feel like I’m more like the struggles and like the people out there struggling.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the song “Take You Down”.
GMFB: Well “Take You Down” is produced by Flawless Tracks featuring Pnut the Kid Conan who is from Lancaster PA.  It’s basically a song where we are talking about a night either out at the club or out at a party where you just see one of them girls that you like and really want to get out her. Take Her Down no matter what.  If she has a ring on her finger or not, it’s just one of those nights but definitely we just wanted to have that banger.  We were sitting down thinking, “yo, we just need that banger that’s for everybody, not just we need sometimes timeless” and so we definitely just went ahead and made that probably like in a good 10 minutes and it just started rolling ahead. I took it to Peanut and he just did his thing on it, nice vocals and everything.  It just all came together right.

WHO?MAG: Let’s talk about the mixtape.
GMFB: “V.I.P.” (Victory Is Patience). What that means is what Ice always says progress is a process.  In order to win, you got to take your time.  It doesn’t just come like right away.  We’ve been doing this for years now.  We’ve all been doing this music since we were young, so it’s not like we’ve been doing it overnight.  In order to win, you need to take time, but we have a lot of different versatile songs on there that anybody can really listen to or relate to.  We have stuff for the hood, we have stuff for the middle class white girls, we have for everyone to listen to and we definitely excited for you guys to listen to this.  We put a lot of heart and soul into this thing.

WHO?MAG: How many songs you got on it?
GMFB: 18 tracks.  We usually have a skit on it, but no skits this time.  Just 18 tracks of straight flames.  18 tracks of fire and we put our heart into this thing.  We have a nice balance of everything on there too. We have something for everybody to relate to or dance to. What we definitely do is that we try to bring that corporate hip-hop also into like a new school that kind of makes our sound a little bit different. It’s clear like you can understand it, a lot of music out here you’ll be like “what did he say” and like your little five year old daughter can listen to it and your 60 year old grandmother can listen to it.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the radio show Yadibox?
GMFB: radio show.  You go on the site.  It has 5 million fans worldwide. It’s been a year now since we’ve been on this show.  We’ve been doing this show and what it does is it just pretty much any artist looking to really get their songs played or just get that interview feeling, we definitely try to put out for them.  We also bring a lot of upcoming artist as well in the industry and it’s been a crazy ride.  We have been able to interview a lot of different people like CJ Hilton, as well as D-One, Rob A, and even some upcoming artist.  It definitely helps this network as well but we have fun.  At first, we would be like its Cypher-time and than everybody would be looking at us and be like it’s Cypher-time.  We’re definitely blessed to have the opportunity to have our show on between 9-10 and just being able to play our music as well and other people’s too.  So check it out GMFB radio is on Mondays at 9PM EST.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the video the concept for “Til I’m Done”.
GMFB: “Til I’m Done” was from my mixtape “Return On Your Investment” produced by J. Rockwell.  That’s how i was feeling it at the time.  I wasn’t giving up until running out of gas than going to crash until I’m done and they want the video.  I just thought I needed to do something different.  It was a suspense tour. They we’re waiting to see what happened saying “oh, what’s in the bag?  They’re just CD’s”.  I put a lot of people that I knew like friends and my family, so that was good for them too.  It was definitely a great song.  Shout out to Brian Kevin, but that was definitely a great song and a great movement for just the area

WHO?MAG:  Cool and what’s next for GMFB?
GMFB: What’s next we about to drop a mix tape V.I.P.  We’re about to do these shows in the summertime.  It’s looking good for us for our shows.  We’re going to be down in Houston and New York in the DMV just continuing to do this promoting.  It’s nothing but underground artist and helping everybody out and helping ourselves at the same time and getting money out on the rest. We’re going to be putting out a lot of videos too.  Coming out, it’s going to be a lot. You’re going to be seeing these pretty faces all on the web.  That’s how we’re going to drop the top layer.  It’s looking good for what we have in the future and we’re really excited we’re linked up a lot of great people that really going to help us achieve what we feel that we are capable of if that makes sense? Shout out to Miayo Entertainment.