After producing hit after hit for Dipset and a slew of other hip-hop artists, the Heatmakerz release their own CD laced with fire! Check out this exclusive interview as they speak on the new album “The Rush”, their new affiliation with Grammy Award winning Product G&B, and their advice to all upcoming producers.
by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: Explain the Heatmakerz sound.
THE HEATMAKERZ: The Heatmakerz Sound is hip hop mixed with rock and roll. Its aggressive soul music. Ya know, it’s that Crack Music.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about “The Rush” and what makes this album stand out from other albums?
THE HEATMAKERZ: The ‘Rush” has no filler tracks. You Can play it from front to back non stop. Every track is hot. We don’t water it down to just fill time. If its not hot, it’s not getting on the project.

WHO?MAG: How did your first break come along?
THE HEATMAKERZ: We got in contact with Rene Mclean who was Cam’rons manager at the time. Rene asked for beats, so we gave him a CD. Once Cam heard it, he picked like 8 tracks and the rest is history.

WHO?MAG: What do you consider proper studio etiquette?
THE HEATMAKERZ: I have worked with lots of different people in the studio and everyone has their own style and things they like and don’t like. There are no real rules, just don’t do stupid shit. Same rules apply in the studio that apply in my crib, at the club or in the office. Don’t say or do something stupid and everybody is cool. Just don’t sh*t in my sink.

WHO?MAG: What do you feel is the biggest mistake you see from upcoming producers?
THE HEATMAKERZ: Producers make hot beats and then don’t hit the streets to get them out there. Some people make hot beats and then are scared they will get jacked or are to lazy to do the grind work of making sure people hear what you have created. It takes more than just producing a hot beat. You gotta take it from your computer to the streets to get known. And of course up and coming producers are prone to biting peoples sh*t. They have not created their own style yet and it’s easier just to copy someone else. Stop that sh*t! You wont make it by copying someone else. There’s already a Heatmakerz out there and believe me you’re not going to do it better!

WHO?MAG: Tell me about your “extended family” and how you all linked up.
THE HEATMAKERZ: The extended family is The Product G&B (Money Harm and Sincere). These guys are so talented, it,s crazy. We also work with a dude named Dox who is from NJ and this girl Carma who can sing and rap. Then there are people who are always in the studio with us and are featured on The Rush, like Law, Curtains, AX, Chris Live. It’s a lot of the same faces in the studio with us and everyone can hold their own.

WHO?MAG: (Rsonist) On this album, you produce and rhyme. Which was your first craft and which do you prefer more?
THE HEATMAKERZ: No questions, producing is where I started. Producing hits is what puts money in my pocket so I can’t forget that, but producing also has allowed me to do new things like rhyming. They are very different, but to me, it’s music. I love making music whether I’m in my home studio by myslef knocking out some beats or in the studio with 10 MCs laying down a new verse. Music is where I am at.

WHO?MAG: How did you link up with Dipset?
THE HEATMAKERZ: Cam’ron heard our beat CD and it was over. He liked the whole thing and the next day we were in the studio. It happened real fast, but he saw our talent and gave it a try. I think it worked out well for both of us.

WHO?MAG: What’s The Heatmakerz formula for finding clients?
THE HEATMAKERZ: Two things, if people get at me and their papers is right then we can talk and Hot shit is Hot shit. I have met some rappers while I was getting my car washed, I meet some in the studio and some in clubs. It happens anywhere anytime. But if you’re looking for me to produce for you, you are either down with us or your coming with some paper.

WHO?MAG: What’s next in store for The Heatmakerz?
THE HEATMAKERZ: Up next is “The Rush” which is coming March 27th 2007. It’s the official street album with 100% new material and features Jim Jones, Papoose, Jae Millz, Peedi Crakk, JR Writer, and the entire Heatmakerz crew. It’s fire, trust me! And there are no filler tracks. Put it in the CD a lose the remote cause you won’t need to change it for the next hour and half.

We also have The Heatmakerz Album coming this year, a solo album from me, Money Harm from G&B is working on a solo joint. And of course we have produced about 10 new tracks that you will be hearing from Lil wayne, Juelz Santana, Papoose and a bunch of other people. We have a lot going on. You will be seeing the Heatmakers name a lot more in the next year.