Ace Primo
13-year-old rapper Ace Primo brings his first single “Lean On Em” produced by DJ Caprice. After working with Camp Lo’s Geechie Suede from Camp Lo, Ace is now working on his first album. Check out this first look at Ace Primo as he talks about today’s rap game and the new album.
by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: How did you get into the rap?
Ace Primo: I always had a gift for putting words together. I started out writing short stories and poems about the problems kids faced in the hood. Later, I told my dad I wanted to get in the rap game. He laugh at me at first until he heard me spit a verse I wrote over an old Bow Wow track. He was amazed and agreed to do whatever he could to make it happen. The rest is history.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the new single “Lean On Em”.
Ace Primo: I wanted my first single to be a fun, party song. At my age, all I think about is girls, partying, having fun, and flossing. So I sat down with one of my producers, DJ Caprice of CMG records, and we started to vibe off a few joints. We later came up with the idea to make a dance song. That’s how “Lean On Em” happened.

WHO?MAG: What makes your style different from other rappers?
Ace Primo: First of all, I’m only 13 years old so my age really separates me from a lot of rappers out there today. But what really makes me different is how I put words together and my lyrical delivery. I’ve been told that my lyrical delivery should be compared to veteran rappers in the game. That’s a huge compliment considering I’m so young in the game. On top of
that, I make sure what I say has meaning and makes sense. A lot of rappers out here are just saying stuff that don’t add up. My mentors have taught to make sure what I say adds up and stick to the story line. I always try to do that no matter what.

WHO?MAG: How did you hook up with Geechie Suede of Camp Lo?
Ace Primo: My first real studio experience was with Suede at his studio in Raleigh, NC. My dad is real cool with Suede and Cheeba from Camp Lo. One day, my dad told Suede that I was trying to get in the game. Suede had a son that was trying to get in the game also. We both were 10 years old at the time. We started a group called Catch 22, but that didn’t work out. I’m still cool with his son, but we had to go our separate ways.

WHO?MAG: How do you feel about the other young rappers out today?
Ace Primo: I think some of the young dudes out today got mad potential. I also think the young dudes in the game are about to change the music industry completely. Just look at how Soulja Boy put his self out there. Before he got a deal, everybody already knew who he was. See, the young rappers out here today know how to hustle and know how to use the internet to get out there. Old school cats ain’t up on that yet like the young rappers. No disrespect to the old heads in the game….lol

WHO?MAG: If you could change one thing about the rap industry today, what would it be?
Ace Primo: I think radio stations should be more open to playing new artist in rotation on the radio and let the public really decide what’s hot. It seems like you gotta have a deal with a major label to get radio spins. I also think more magazines should do interviews with up and coming underground artist. People need to know who about to blow up. All we hear about is the same artists over and over again on the radio and in the magazines.

WHO?MAG: What can we look forward to on the album?
Ace Primo: The album is crazy. I got all types of songs on the album. I got party joints, street bangers, a couple of songs for the ladies, and a few songs that will make you stop and think. This one song called “Young Man” is all about how I see things through a young mans eyes. I think it’s important for me to talk about things that go on in the world through a young mans eyes. Like I said earlier in the interview, I got started writing stories about problems we face in the hood everyday so I wanted to capture that on my album also. I got another joint called “Collect and Smile”. That’s for all the mothers out there. Shout out to my moms….

WHO?MAG: What’s next for ACE Primo?
Ace Primo: I’m really just starting my grind now so basically the next thing is to step it up and grind even harder. I’ve been told that my music is hot by many people in the industry so now I need the world to know about me. I’m gonna to do whatever I have to do to spread the word. I want to tell everybody out there to keep checking for ya boy on myspace and youtube. Hit me up on myspace or just go to I’m going to keep
everybody up to date on what’s next for ACE Primo on the myspace site. I want to thank for this interview also. This is the type of exposure more magazines and online hip hop websites need to give new up and coming artist.