Jaguar Wright
As one of soul music’s most welcomed additions, Jaguar has release a diamond of an album with her sophomore release “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul”. Coming straight from Philadelphia, Jaguar showcases her musical maturity with her latest sensations “Free” and “Let Me Be The One”.
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: Tell us about your latest album “Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul”?
Jaguar Wright: The title of the album is called Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul. It’s pretty much just me and a bunch of really great producers.

WHO?MAG: So how is the album being received?
Jaguar Wright: So far we have gotten a lot of really great reviews. The best that we have gotten so far was five out of five stars. Billboard gave an incredible write up on me. Vibe gave me a three and a half. It’s been going really good.

WHO?MAG: So being from the Philadelphia scene, what do you see happening in the city on the music tip right now?
Jaguar Wright: I see a lot of people working. The one thing that happens in the music industry in Philadelphia is work. People are working. We’re just being Philly, doing Philly. We’re pretty proud of each other. We’re really proud to keep the Philly legacy of music going.

WHO?MAG: What makes Jaguar Wright different from other artist?
Jaguar Wright: I am myself. I’m just me. There is no gimmick, no hype. I’m just me.

WHO?MAG: When writing this album, how did you go about writing concepts for your songs?
Jaguar Wright: I’m a writer so I take my writing very seriously. What I do is I figure out what the title of the album is going to be, then I base the composition around that and build every song in that frame and in that reference and make it a story.

WHO?MAG: Where do you see the future of R&B music?
Jaguar Wright: I wish it would get back to something real. If I see another naked person, I’m going to scream.

WHO?MAG: So if could change one thing about the music industry besides all the naked people, what would that be?
Jaguar Wright: The labels. I would get rid of them and give music away! That’s what it is for. Music is for giving and for sharing. Right now you have people who never really listen to it sitting around making millions and billions of dollars off of it and sitting their depriving the public of really great music. That’s kind of sickening. I’m a label hater!

WHO?MAG: As far as touring, do you have anything coming up?
Jaguar Wright: Actually we have a tour coming up with VH-1. It was supposed to be me & Bilal, but it’s starting to look more like me, Kindred the Family Soul, and Musiq Soulchild. That should be kicking off soon. Then I go back on the road to Japan and Europe. You know, just working

WHO?MAG: So besides the touring, what else is next in store for Jaguar Wright?
Jaguar Wright: More music, more me, more life, more giving, and more sharing.