Jak Danielz
This emcee brought the Coldheat to the WHO?MAG/Migtight “Get Recognized” contest with “Drink Jak to This.” This NY artist also has a new album about to drop featuring artists such as Buckshot, Sadat X, and Craig G to name a few. Expect a lot to come from this talented artists. Congratulations Jak! Make sure to check out this interview and get your first look at tomorrow’s superstar!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: Who is Jak Danielz?
JAK DANIELZ: I am hip-hop. From bombing trains in the late eighties to Rock Steady Crew reunions in the new millennium, Jak Danielz bridges the gap between the old school and new school. I represent all aspects of hip-hop. I have worked with legendary emcees such as Sadat X, Buckshot and Craig G. I have also worked with legendary graffiti writers Bl One Tmr, Ja One, XTC, and Slash One Ftr to name a few. My DJ JS-1 from the Rock Steady…nuff said.

WHO?MAG: What makes the Jak Danielz sound different from other MC’s?
JAK DANIELZ: I believe it is my ability to reach such a large variety of demographics. I get love from made guys and street legends while at the same time getting love from teachers and community leaders. I pride myself on being able to rip a hard street track, an intelligent story, and even an occasional club banger. I also can freestyle for real, which is a rarity these days.

WHO?MAG: What was your first introduction into hip-hop?
JAK DANIELZ: My first introduction to hip hop was probably graffiti. Growing up in a Sicilian home in the eighties, there was not too much exposure to rapping, but it was impossible to cover the messages on the trains and walls. I got my first turntables in ’91, but found my true love rhyming around ’96. I tried to break but I was way to fat to get good at it. Now that I lost the weight it’s definitely in my near future.

WHO?MAG: How did you come up with the concept “Drink Jak to This” for the
Who?Mag/Migtight “Get Recognized” contest?
JAK DANIELZ: When I first heard the track, I thought club immediately. It had a real bouncy feel to it. I was excited to record it because I have been doing a lot of punch line and story tracks lately. I wanted to incorporate my name into the hook. Once I wrote that, I just talked about how we get down in the club NYC style.

WHO?MAG: As an upcoming artist, what is the hardest situation you faced so far?
JAK DANIELZ: The hardest situations I have faced so far has got to be managers. They are never about the music or the movement. I have had numerous opportunities ruined because of some no talent manager who thinks there Puffy and does not understand that real recognizes real regardless of how big a star you are.

WHO?MAG: How did you hook up with Johnny Walker and Cold Heat Entertainment?
JAK DANIELZ: I hooked up with Johnny Walker in the late nineties through a mutual friend. He already had a well-respected name in the graff world and at the time was making noise as an MC. We originally hooked up to do a track together. He actually engineered the first track I ever recorded at a studio in Queens. We parted ways for a couple of years and linked back up to form Coldheat Entertainment in 2003. He now manages my career and produces a large number of my track. There is no question that I would not be where I am today without his help and dedication!

WHO?MAG: What would you like to see changed in the rap game?
JAK DANIELZ: I would like to see the cornball record executives fall back and let talent reclaim rap music. No matter where you are from or what you represent, talent should be the bottom line.

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Jak Danielz & Coldheat Entertainment?
JAK DANIELZ: We are dropping the single “Bull’s-eye: Direct Hit ” later this summer featuring Sadat X, Buckshot, Rahzel and DJ JS-1 on the cuts. The track is fire and was produced by Johnny Walker. The album will drop in the fall featuring Craig G, Sadat X, Buckshot, Capone, Royal Flush, Marley Marl, and Godfather Pt.III to name a few. We will also be performing all over the world this summer and fall including the independent music awards at Lincoln center on July 22, 2006.