Jasmine Trias
We all remember Jasmine as she place third in America’s #1 TV Show “American Idol” right behind Fantasia and Diana Degarmo. With her new album already in stores which includes production by Dianne Warren, Vincent Herbert, and P. Diddy and a new movie entitled “All Girl Band”, Jasmine comes through WHO?MAG to tell us just who Jasmine Trias really is!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: What is the number one thing you walked away with from American Idol?
JASMINE TRIAS: I have accomplished my dream. Singing has always been my passion, so walking away from American Idol was a huge accomplishment for me. I never even realized that I would come that close to that. I always thought that being a famous singer was a far fetched dream, but American Idol really helped me accomplish that. That would be the main thing that I walked away with.

WHO?MAG: What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome during the show?
JASMINE TRIAS: I would say just being away from home. I was never away from home that long. Going through that whole experience being away, even though my dad was there. I was 16 at the time and going through all that while at school, which wasn’t something that a normal 16 year old would be going through everyday.

WHO?MAG: Tell us about your latest self-titled album?
JASMINE TRIAS: I just finished the album on July 12th. The direction I chose to go on this album is R&B/pop. It’s a little more edgy. It’s an edgier side that you see of Jasmine Trias. On American Idol, you saw a very calm and sweet innocent Jasmine Trias. The music is smooth R&B, definitely something you can groove to.

WHO?MAG: How did you go about getting signed to ClockWork Entertainment?
JASMINE TRIAS: Right after the show, there were a few offers coming in. My lawyer actually already had a good relationship with ClockWork Entertainment and they were very excited about the project. Things just worked out from that.

WHO?MAG: How did you land your acting part in the movie “All Girl Band?”
JASMINE TRIAS: Also with my lawyer. He knows the writer and I think they were friends in high school. I met with writer and he was very excited about it. That was pretty much how I got it.

WHO?MAG: What makes Jasmine Trias different from other singers?
JASMINE TRIAS: First of all, because I am Asian. I don’t think there is that Philipino/Asian artist that is out in that mainstream market right now. I would say that my style is a little different as well. It’s different than what is out there. A lot of stuff out there is all R&B or very popish. I would say I’m right in the middle. The image that I try to go for is sexy and conservative.

WHO?MAG: Do you feel your name will always be associated with American Idol?
JASMINE TRIAS: Definitely. That show is the number one show in America. That’s the huge stepping stone that everyone will be remembered from. Kelly Clarkson is still known to be from American Idol, even though she has established a name for herself. I will always be associated with American Idol.

WHO?MAG: What were you doing to further your career before the show?
JASMINE TRIAS: I was going to school and getting ready for college. I was also taking voice lessons and performing at family parties or recitals at malls. I was in the choir church and in school and was very into music. Then American Idol came to Hawaii for auditions and I tried out and I made it.

WHO?MAG: What’s next in store for Jasmine Trias?
JASMINE TRIAS: Hopefully I will record another album.. I also am going to be getting into more movies. I also just finished my album in the Philippines again. It’s doing pretty well there. I am working two different markets and will hopefully expand my market worldwide.