MC Lars
Already making a huge splash in the music industry is this proven upcoming artist MC Lars. With the huge success from his “post-punk laptop rap” hit singles “Hurricane Fresh” and “Signing Elmo”, Lars is really starting to make a name for himself. Check out this article and find out more about MC Lars.
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: Explain post-punk laptop rap.
MC Lars: It’s post-punk in terms of having a free-thinking independent “punk” message, but post-punk in terms of the songs not being Ramones or Sex Pistols covers. It’s “rap” because I speak rhythmically and I use my computer to do the majority of the production.

WHO?MAG: What differentiates a MC Lars from other artists?
MC Lars: A lot of artists are afraid to merge different genres and/or do something different. It’s easier to try to sound like the bands you follow then try to take a genre and establish a sub-genre around it and I think that’s what makes my project different.

WHO?MAG: Being that you currently go to Stanford University, what is the college music scene like these days?
MC Lars: The Stanford scene revolves around jazz and Dave Matthews-style jam bands, but there is some hip-hop on campus here. The best part about the college music scene is the close ties with college radio and being able to hear weird and different music before it becomes trendy.

WHO?MAG: Being that your style is a mix of various components, where do you see the future of music?
MC Lars: Genres will become less specific, record labels will disappear, and word-of-mouth will have an infinitely stronger influence in selling records than the money spent on promotion etc. It will be more egalitarian, and the artists with a strong product and personality will be the most successful.

WHO?MAG: If you could, what would you change about the entertainment industry?
MC Lars: Make it illegal for major labels to cash in on trends and sell insane music without substance.