Wu-Tang member and legendary artist Method Man recently spoke with WHO?MAG about some of his greatest singles, compilations, and working with Biggie.
By William Hernandez


WHO?MAG TV:  What’s the latest with the new “Blackout 2” album?
Method Man:  We didn’t start yet.  We didn’t get a chance to start yet.

WHO?MAG TV:  How was it working with Boys to Men on the “Vibin” remix?
Method Man:  They’re some cool brothers.  It was nice.  Busta was there the night I recorded it.  We had a great time.

WHO?MAG TV:  What do you remember about the video shoot?
Method Man:  The video shoot was off the chain!  A lot of pretty girls, Treach, Busta, myself.  It was a great vibe going on in there.  Fantastic.

WHO?MAG TV:  Tell me about the classic song “4,3,2,1”.
Method Man:  The “4,3,2,1” joint.  LL Cool J wanted some emcees on his album.  LL has always been a good dude to me so I had no problem getting on it.

WHO?MAG TV:  Tell me about the “Judgment Day” song and the crazy video also.
Method Man:  That was a song I originally didn’t want to do.  Yeah I did, yeah I did…  As far as the video, I don’t think that should have been the first single.

WHO?MAG TV:  What’s your fondest memory of Ol’ Dirty Bastard?
Method Man:  There are so many, bust mostly how he was with his children.  He was a very loving daddy.  He was very good with his kids and everyone else’s kids too.

WHO?MAG TV:  How did “The What” come about with Biggie?
Method Man:  He asked me.  He saw me at a party and approached me and asked me to get on a joint with him.  I always like his stuff.  I had a mixtape with him doing “Me and my Bitch” and I thought that was real ill so I definitely wanted to hop on with him.

WHO?MAG TV:  What do you remember about recording with him in the studio?
Method Man:  I remember everything.  When I got there, Puff was there with a bunch of other people.  Me and Big wrote our verses out.  Easy Mo Bee did the track.  We went in there and had to do what we had to do.  It came out fat.

WHO?MAG TV:  How did you hook up with the Trackmasters for “Makeup to Breakup”?
Method Man:  I met the Trackmasters under QG (Quran Goodman) from Da Youngstaz.  I guess he was under their label or something.  QG actually did the track, Tone & Poke didn’t do it.

WHO?MAG TV:  How did the song come about?
Method Man:  The song, you know, I loved the beat.  He always got nice beats.  You gotta check for QG.  Quran, check for him.  He’s a dope nigga.  Poke & Tone were in the studio when we recorded it though.  They put all the finishing touches on it.