Mitchski has been involved in all aspects of the music industry. He started as a rap artist known for his hit “Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge” which is still being highly praised through EgoTrip, the book and the soundtrack. From there he moved from retail to distribution at major labels such as PolyGram and Sony. The “Mighty Mitchski” has been in sales & distribution for over 10 years and presently resides at Red Distribution, a subsidiary of Sony Music.
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: How did you first break into the music industry?
Mitch Dudley: I started as a rapper. I produced and manufactured my own 12″ single. I took it to a one stop for distribution and they needed a person to work in the warehouse. I took the job and the rest is history.

WHO?MAG: When an artist comes looking for distribution, what do you specifically look for?
Mitch Dudley: Pretty much a sales history and/or a following. Distributors are not in the artist developing business. So please have a buzz going or put out a couple of joints on your own before you approach a distributor.

WHO?MAG: How does Red Distribution pick which artist to use?
Mitch Dudley: We don’t pick artists because we are not a label. We pick our labels by their sales history and what artists they have on the label. Most labels we pick up have an artist or 2 that people already know, unless they have a buzz going.

WHO?MAG: Is it harder for an artist to get distribution now than say 5 years ago?
Mitch Dudley: Definitely. 5 years ago people we’re building demand for their products. Nowadays, everybody who goes in the studio and presses a record or CD thinks that if you just put it on the shelf it’s gonna sell. It takes a hell of a lot more than that.

WHO?MAG: What are the advantages of distribution through Red?
Mitch Dudley: We’re a Sony owned company, and that holds a lot of weight with our customers. But remember…. a record is only as good as the marketing you put into it.