Pat the Roc
In this Interview Streetball Legend Pat the Roc talks about new foundation used for motivating the youth. He also talks about his new deal with one of Americas top retailers.
By Thato Dadson


Who?Mag: For those who don’t know tell us who is Pat the roc?

Pat: Born and raised in Maryland; Street ball star, been all over the world man.  Basically, I’m known for my ball-handling, that’s how I got my name ‘cause they say the way I dribble the ball is so amazing… It’s like I’m patting the rock.  So you know, they started calling me pat-the-roc.  And you know, I started getting a big buzz while I was traveling on the and-1 mixtape tour..  On ESPN, on the street ball show.  From there a lot of kids watched me on Youtube, and I was featured on two videogames; NBA2k8 and also the And-1 streetball game I had a character… That’s basically how I got my buzz, how I started traveling around the world.

Who?Mag: How was the NBA 2k8 situation?

Pat: Basically I filmed the moves for the video game NBA2k8 and also for the And-1 streetball game.  They put us in the little suits and we had to do all the moves; we had to simulate Kobe Bryant’s moves, Lebron James’ moves.  I was doing the fadeaways, the crossovers, the dunks that you see in the videogame.  It’s not really Kobe and Lebron its Pat-the-Roc, and a couple other peoples.  That was a fun experience man making the videogames… Definitely long hours doing it but I mean it’s definitely worth it.  I don’t even play videogames but to say i was in one growing up playing them, you know, thats an honor.

Who?Mag:  So tell us about your reality tv show?

Pat:  Cool cool.  I actually have two, one of them is already airing out in China.  We filmed it last year.  We’re searching for the best streetball stars in China.  Me and about eight or nine players who are supposed to be the best streetball players in the US went over to China, and we went to different cities challenging all the Chinese streetball players and professional players.  They basically filmed it all and it’s on the biggest sports network in China right now airing.  It started airing in January on CCTV 5.  It’s similar to the and-1 show but it’s basically like the Chinese version.  Also, another TV show that’ll be airing in the US on Fox.  That starts airing in April, but we shoot our first game for that is actually going to be on All-Star weekend in LA.  We playing in Venice beach, and that’s going to be the first episode we shoot for that reality show.  That show consists of like, the ten best streetballers in the US.  We’re going to be taking on the top talent that NBA players have recruited.

Who?Mag: I heard you had some big things going on in China?

Pat:  Playing in China you get way more love than the US, they appreciate it way more.  The fans, they running on the court, and you know, they get a little more excited than the United States.  The United States they show love, but overseas they appreciate it ‘cause they don’t get to see NBA games or all that type of stuff live.  So, streetball thats like the closest thing they can get and they come out and just pack the arenas man… They be all in the floor I never seen anything like it, it’s like a Michael Jackson concert or something.

Who?Mag:  How is everything working with macys?

Pat:  First event that I’ll be doing with Macy’s is February 24th… It’ll be in reference to black history month.  I’ll basically be speaking at downtown Pittsburgh Macy’s about how African Americans have impacted the world of sports and also I’ll be giving them a inspirational message of AIP; anything is possible.  Which is my motto, and organization I started.  You can get more information about it at, and there will be a couple of other special guests there as well.

Who?Mag:  Tell us about team a.i.p?

Pat:  AIP got started in 2001 when I was in college.  I used to always carry around a basketball with me, and on one particular day I bumped into this old guy, he was like, just said something to me that really stuck with me and you know, I always kept with me ever since then.  then he said, “if you want to go far in life with basketball or with your dreams, you just gotta remember three words; Anything is possible.”  And you know, I took that and converted it to AIP.  Years later I started an organization, Team AIP, and it’s basically to motivate youth or any individual in particular to pursue their dreams and goals whether it be athletic, music, or the arts, whatever it is.  Basically we try to highlight peoples success stories and what they’re trying to do with their talent.

Who?Mag: What has been the most rewarding experience as a motivational speaker?

Pat:  My most rewarding experience would have to be just being able to– Cuz when you first walk into a room and they look at you as a basketball player.  They just want to see you dribble the ball or do a move, but after you finish speaking.  They’re not talking about moves they’re talking about AIP, you know anything is possible and how they’re going to use that to push towards their goals.  That’s the biggest thing to me, just seeing kids reactions after I speak because obviously when they look at me first, they just thinking, “oh he’s a basketball player and he’s probably going to do a couple moves,” but I take pride in delivering that message that’s the most important thing.  I always reiterate at the beginning and the end of my speech that anything is possible and thats what they need to take away from it.  Not a couple tricks or moves.  That’s definitely the biggest thing to me.  Just being able to inspire people all over the world with three letters, and all because I listened to that old guy.  Now I’m able to inspire a whole other platform of people.

Who?Mag:  Who were your inspirations growing up?

Pat:  Coming up I definitely looked up to my older brother.  I had a older brother he was a star basketball player coming up and he taught me a lot of things as far as my basketball skills.  Like how to shoot, how to dribble.  He was always just so humble and modest, and you know I picked up that same attribute to just be modest and non-confrontational; just carry yourself well and be respectful at all times.  He always had good grades.  Basically any kid is going to look up to their older brother, so if they set a bad example they’re probably going to do bad things and if you set a good example they’re going to do good things.  He’s a huge reason why I was able to be successful in life.  I always thank him for that and doing good things.

Who?Mag:  What advice can you give to upcoming athletes?

Pat:  I would say that you’re going to fail numerous times.  Another motto I use is, before success is failure, because a lot of people think that they get cut from a team or if they don’t score a certain amount of points, they don’t get a basketball scholarship or any type of athletic scholarship, they feel like it’s the end, you know.  They like, alright I should just quit and get a regular job.  I didn’t mention this before in my story before but I got cut so many times through the years.  Like I got cut from college twice I never even played college ball.  I got cut from the Harlem Globetrotters.  I got cut from the And-1 mix tape tour in the beginning.  So you know, I got a lot of times.  Any one of those times I could have just said I give up, maybe basketball isn’t for me.  But ‘cause I remembered that anything is possible… I was able to continue on and do greater things.  Now, I’m doing what I like to do.  That’s definitely the advice I would give to others; never quit, never give up.  I’m twenty-seven now and I’m far from my prime, like I’m learning more and more every day.  If I had quit when I was twenty or nineteen I wouldn’t be half the person that I am today.

Who?Mag: Whats next for Pat the Roc

Pat: This year i have a lot of great things lined up.  I teamed up with Street Rootz Entertainment, and Jireh Management Group.  My schedule is crazy this year.  I’ll be doing a lot of stuff in LA; I’ll be doing a couple of games out there.  A lot of celebrity charity games.  I just had a game in the superbowl last weekend.  I’m doing a lot of events like that.  I have a new website launching,  Also, new merchandise, new endorsment deals, I mean there’s so many different things that I have coming up.  You know, 2011 is going to be a great year.  I’m looking forward to it.  People should see a lot more from Pat the Roc.

Who?Mag:  Would you like to say one last thing before we go?

Pat:  I’d just like to say thanks to anyone who helped me along the way.  Thank you Who?Mag for giving me the opportunity to get my message out.  Just remember anything is possible.  Follow me on twitter, and same thing with facebook