Pistol Pete
Kill All Rat’s founder Pistol Pete drops the new KAR album on E1. After working with a who’s who list in hip-hop, and the Ruffnation film “Death Before Dishonor”, Pistol Pete breaks down the meaning of “kill all rats” and it’s origin as well as breaking down his new documentary “Tales from the Pen”.
By William Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Talk about the new album K.A.R?
PISTOL PETE: It was a slogan that myself and the guys used when we were incarcerated “kill all rats”. Then a bunch of guys followed suit and ran with it too. Different guys from all over the world. Not just New York guys. I just wanted to turn that around into something positive and constructive. Not only in there but out here too because a lot of people got peoples in jail because of people that told on them.

WHO?MAG: Who is on the album?
PISTOL PETE: Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Sean Kingston, Dip Set, Hell Rell, Tony Sunshine for the ladies, Cool & Dre. We got a lot of surprises.

WHO?MAG: How did you develop a relationship with E1?
PISTOL PETE: Through Steve Lobel. He’s been in the game for a long time. He manages Bone Thugs and Harmony when they sold 30 million back in the days. He was a good friend of Jam Master Jay. We had done films before. We did a film called “Death Before Dishonor”. The move sold over a 170 thousand units. I have good relationship up there.
I could’ve just done Pistol Pete “Kill All Rats” featuring Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, & Fat Joe, but why keep featuring the same people? I just wanted to feature some new acts and at the same time I was doing the films. I just wanted to branch off and do the music.

WHO?MAG: Are you working on any other films?
PISTOL PETE: Actually, I’m working on “Tales from the Pen”. That’s the next documentary. It’s about a bunch of jail guys and doing time in jail. They tell stories about how the living conditions in jail are. I mixed it in with a couple of artists. I got Game, Fat Joe, Hell Rell, & Akon. I got a few guys that can give me details about the pen as well, but it’s a documentary. I’m working on another movie called “Betrayal” with Ray J as the main character in the film. I’m going to film it in Florida. It’s going to be like “Menace II Society”. I’m doing a Kill All Rats film. I might get Cam’ron on there as well, plus my life story which will be called “In the Hole”.

WHO?MAG: Are you thinking about taking these documentaries to the schools to show to the kids?
PISTOL PETE: That’s the idea. That’s why I’m doing “Tales from the Pen”. It explains how jail is run and let the youth know that jail is not the place to be. A lot of people are looking up to it, thinking jail is the move. It’s really about bringing a message to the youth. I got people on their talking about how they were going to get raped and how they had to stab the guy that was going to rape them. That’s one of the situations that will get you hurt in jail. I mix it up with a bunch of artists. It’ll bring the message that jail is not cool.

WHO?MAG: What are your thoughts on artists that glorify life in jail?
PISTOL PETE: I guess they need to make themselves sound as if they’re real. I think it’s real stupid if you want to glorify jail. I just think it’s part of their act; part of their entertainment. Some brag about it more than others because they’ve really been through it. Yeah, I’ve been to the box, this and that. At the end of the day, that’s not nothing to be glorifying.