Upcoming artist Qwote is riding high right now with the success of his new single “Don’t Wanna Fight” with Trina on Jive Records. Now with Slip N Slide Records, make sure to peep out the new album “Qwote Un Qwote’.
by Thato Dadson

WHO?MAG: How does it feel to finally have an official album coming out?
QWOTE: If I could put it into words, I would say it’s a very exciting dream come true. To have a label behind you and want to put your album out is just an amazing feeling.

WHO?MAG: How did you link up with producer Steve Obas?
QWOTE: Well, Steve and I go back a few years ago. I was actually introduced to him by a friend. Steve took an interest in me and took me under his wing. So from then on, it was artist development camp for me.

WHO?MAG: How did the deal with Jive come about?
QWOTE: I have to give all my thanks to Steve Obas on that one

WHO?MAG: What was it like working with Trina?
QWOTE: Well, like I tell everyone, Trina is just an inspiration. By just watching her in the studio and how she works, she helped me out a lot and I’m very grateful for that.

WHO?MAG: Tell me about the video for “Don’t Wanna Fight”.
QWOTE: For one, I had a great director, Malcolm Jones. He worked very well with me and was able to show me a new artist and get it done, but he was really great at what he did and I loved how it came out.

WHO?MAG: What do you feel you can bring to Slip N Slide Records family?
QWOTE: Well it’s been a while since Slip N Slide has had an R&B artist, but it is also the first time they have had a pop artist. So I’m definitely bringing the whole international pop vibe because now things are going to be international. So stay tuned because we’re gonna be doing big things.

WHO?MAG: Being that you’re from Haiti, how does that influence your music?
QWOTE:: Well, first I would like to say I would like to see more of us in the industry. But being that I am from there and I know the struggles and the troubles of it, I’m glad I can bring some positive for the people. I want to show my Haitians that they can do it too.

WHO?MAG: What are something’s you want people to gain from your album “Qwote Un Qwote”?
QWOTE: Well, like I tell everyone, my album is there to invoke though and passion. I want it to get people to really think about what is going on. There is substance to what’s going on. So if you stop and really listen to the lyrics, you will really understand what’s going on. The album I can definitely say is a classic.

WHO?MAG: Now drawing inspiration from people like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Lenny Kravitz, are we going to see any of their styles in you?
QWOTE: We I’m sure that once your influence by someone you will use a little bit of what they do here and there. I personally don’t know from where I stand. I’ve listen to Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, D’Angelo just to name a few because these artist have influenced me and I’m sure its gonna come out one way or another.

WHO?MAG: What can we expect for in the future of Qwote?
QWOTE: What you can definitely expect is Qwote will be here forever. I feel my music has substance. I want to continue giving that to the fans. I talk about real life matters and things of the heart, so Qwote is here to stay and you can quote me on that.