Rick Ross and the Hypnotized Tour
#1 recording artist Rick Ross is currently on the Hypnotized Tour with artists Plies, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Boosie, Snook, Pleasure P (from Pretty Ricky) The Dream, Princess from Crime Mobb, and Trina. Check out this interview with the members of this tour! Thanks to HHJA for putting the conference together.
interview by Thato Dadson
Rick Ross

WHO?MAG: How does being from down south effect what topics you talk about?
RICK ROSS: We’ll the Miami lifestyle is what I know and that’s what I’m going to rap about. The things that I know.

WHO?MAG: How does it feel to have the number 1 record right now?
RICK ROSS: It feels good to see that grind paying off, and see the people appreciate your work. Because regardless of were the music is coming from you all work to be on top. And that’s what I’m here for. And I would like to add it has taken me 10 years to be on top.

WHO?MAG: With the whole music industry changing to the digital world. What can you say that has changed from you back in the day?
RICK ROSS: In life everything is always changing. Like the government and when they change laws you just got to adjust too it. Like I know back in the day a artist had to travel around the world to be noticed but now they can promote themselves over the internet. And I just take the good and the bad and make the best of it.

WHO?MAG: Hey Yo Gotti, how do you feel being from Memphis effects your music?
YO GOTTI: I mean I think that the way of life that I come from will effect how you think. As you will go through different things in different places but over all its all the same.

WHO?MAG: Princess, who are some of the rappers you listened that influenced your style?
PRINCESS: Well really there weren’t too many females to listen to before, but I listened to Missy because she had a lot of creative control on what she did. She had control from how the song went and how it sounded. Now as far as male, I listened to people like the Hot Boyz, Lil Jon, 3 6 Mafia, and so many more.

WHO?MAG: Now Gotti, with you being independent, do you get returns that expected.
YO GOTTI: Well, I think if your independent you need to be making moves, because if your not, it’s not good. Some people say they’re independent, but they don’t have the tools to be independent to make it work because you’re spending your own money so you may have to turn to the major labels because they have the money.

WHO?MAG: Now since you’re making your transition out of Pretty Ricky, do you think it will be difficult to get your name out as a solo artist?
PLEASURE P: I just rest everything onto my talent and let my talent speaks for itself and my movement. And I know people will be saying “he was in Pretty Ricky”, but when my album drops and they hear the songs and the music an the way I’m vibing, I think they’ll get the picture.