Ron Contour
coming soon…
by Will Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Talk about the new album Saffron and the meaning behind the title?
Ron Contour: The meaning of saffron could be a number of things, or maybe I think I just meant it to be like the flower or plant. You know how it’s all yellow and whatnot? I tried to make the album sound yellow. Might sound strange, but that’s the kind of rap vibe I was pushing at partially. I like the album, it makes me think of the fields of prairie. Some songs meant things and a lot of the songs on the album don’t mean just one thing. It’s very random. My minds kind of work that way. Factor did all the rap beats for this one and did a stellar job. He brought things out of me, I put things into him, so it was a meeting of the mind. Word up!

WHO?MAG: How did you get into rhyming and who were some of your influences as an emcee?
Ron Contour: Oh gosh. Well, my cousin Moka rhymed for a long time a bit before me, so he was influence on my raps for absolutely sure. No question about that. Also krs-one, pm dawn, ted nugent and rakim. A lot of the black moon too. I listened to the black moon and buckshot a lot when I made saffron. My cousin put me onto this group called the High Llamas too and that was a motivator as well. All things add to the general pot, then all I do I stir and mix it and see what oozes out onto the canvas, so to speaks.

WHO?MAG: How did you hook up with Factor who handled all the production on the album and how is it working with him the studio?
Ron Contour: Well like I said, factor was a charm to work with and easy going as well. Once again my cousin introduced us because they had done some rap music together before and Moke felt like it was time for me to spread my wings and work with some other cats, so that’s the stories behind that.

WHO?MAG: What is your relationship with Moka Only and how did you meet him?
Ron Contour: Moka is my first cousin so there’s no real science behind that. Speaking of science I have a song on my “Summer of Ron” album called “Science Pack” where I was breaking down the relation of the backpack to underground rap and presenting it lyrically as if it was akin to a rocketpack, you know, like ready to launch lyrics into far reaches and whatnots. Oh my god, you HAVE to hear that song! If you haven’t heard it already then there might be a thing wrong with you but its all good. I want you to hear that song, ok? cool. umm…what were you sayin?…oh yeah.. Moke is my cousin and we grew up close so a lot of things that he was into he would share with me… cake, a videogame, skateboard, weed, whatever… and obviously rap. So I remember this one family get together we had and we rapped a cypher together, I just knew that was it and I went from there…to here! Even though I took a break for a few years I knew that rap is something live, not like hip hop where it’s just something ya do, you know what I mean?

WHO?MAG: I know you’re doing some work with Domination recordings out of Orlando, FL. How did that come about?
Ron Contour: Yeah, Domination is the one label that put out “Summer of Ron”. Gosh, I hate to sound like a leach but once again that was KIND of Moka’s doing. He had done stuff with that label, but sharing is caring. All gooder. Word bet! Dominations cool, I’m really enjoying being with fake four too. They keep it movin as well.

WHO?MAG: From looking at your pics and your name; Did 70’s and early 80’s porn influence your name and your style as far how you dress?
Ron Contour: Haw haw, very funny. No, that wasn’t so much of a thing as other stuff. I’m more influenced by the 60’s actually. Good music happened then and cool buildings were erected, so that was a guiding force behind what culminated in the Ron that you know now, and that’s me. Porn is, well, it’s all good and I’m interested in maybe DOING porn industry stuff sometime but it’s not on my mind all the time. Rap is though, so that’s what I’m doing now. I’m into all kinds of little funny things but rap is solid. You feel me out? Word.

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Ron Contour?
Ron Contour: Whats next? Well I also have a new spring mixtape/street album called Rontario that you should check for. It features my man frank nitty from frank n’ dank, and grim ace, and also dsisive and stummik dawg too. It’s more so a raw, grimy effort. I did that one mostly on Moka beats although nebz supreme helped me too, as well as crunk cris from the dooDoo peppers. Ay yo, right now going hard on the saffron, we got tours coming up. I think we are going to Japan !

WHO?MAG: Do you have a website for the fans to check out?
Ron Contour: Ok, well I’m workin on the website. In the meantime just check out the fake four website because they are going to make a special Ron Contour profile and we are going to tour together. Me and factor and ceschi, so fresh, it’s gonna be intercontinentally mental hahaha! Sweet action.

WHO?MAG: Any last words?
Ron Contour: I don’t do last words but I will say this…. THIS, haha. Joking. Just check out the album, Saffron and just know that me and factor have some other exclusive treats and videos comin at you soon. I would like to host the weather on the news some day yo, I’d be perfect! I love that kind of stuff. Informative things, you know? Yes! Sweet action. Peace and thank you for having a talk with me.