Sean Price
As ½ of the hip-hop legendary duo Heltah Skeltah and part of the Boot Camp Clik, Sean Price is a wicked emcee. As a solo artist, he dropped the acclaimed underground album Monkey Bars. Now with the Boot Camp Clik ready to drop another gem on the music world, Sean talks to WHO?MAG about the new album “The Last Stand” as well as what the future holds. Check this out!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: What made you want to become an emcee?
SEAN PRICE: I guess the love of hip-hop. I grew up listening to it. I just started doing it. It was a natural progression. Just the love. It wasn’t the money thing. I knew that when I first started. Definitely wasn’t the money.

WHO?MAG: What signifies the Sean Price sound?
SEAN PRICE: I don’t know. That’s for the people to determine. I try not to get that technical with it, you know what I mean? You hear the beat, you rhyme what comes to your heart and your mind, and then that’s it. What it is, it is! I’m natural with it. There is no real science project and no rocket science, it’s hip-hop. Enjoy yourself. I have fun putting these words together, bending and twisting the English language and that’s it. It’s fun. That’s my sound right there.

WHO?MAG: How did the Boot Camp Clik form?
SEAN PRICE: I am the Boot Camp Click. This is not like I want to be down and “yo, go spit a verse”. It was none of that. We all knew each other before the game, before hip-hop. Six degrees of separation, ya know what I mean? We all just knew each other. Most of us were all peoples before we started rapping. Most of us.

WHO?MAG: Tell us about the new Boot Camp Clik album “The Last Stand?”
SEAN PRICE: The album is crazy! We have production by 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, The Large Professor, Ill-Minded, and The Beatminers. It’s real crazy! It’s all of us. Rock is on this album, He wasn’t on the last one. It’s banging.

WHO?MAG: Is there going to be a follow up album to “Monkey Bars?”
SEAN PRICE: Yeah, that’s what I’m listening to in the background right now. It’s called “Jesus Christ Superstar”. That’s coming out soon. Sometime in September.

WHO?MAG: How about a new Heltah Skeltah album? Any plans for that?
SEAN PRICE: Oh, we’re working on the new Heltah Skeltah “Dirt” right now as we speak. I was just in the studio yesterday working on that. Everything is sounding real nice. Real nice. But first thing’s first. July 18th is the new Boot Camp Clik album. Don’t forget that. That is very important. Each one helps the other one. Get that. And I know a lot of people we’re feeling the Triple Threat movement that we did and we just want everyone to know that there wasn’t a gimmick. We wasn’t just trying to put out three album’s at once and then just fall back again. Nah, we have more albums dropping soon, you know what I mean? We have Boot Camp Clik dropping in July, Sean Price in September, and Heltah Skeltah. How crazy is that? So we’re working hard instead of hardly working.

WHO?MAG: So what do you feel separates the Boot Camp Clik from other hip-hop alliances?
SEAN PRICE: I don’t know. Somebody else has to answer that question. Lyrically, I’m right there, if not, better. That’s for someone to determine. I don’t put us in a class or category or who’s a great MC. That’s for the people to decide and writers such as yourself where you make lists. I just rap to the beat. For real, for real, I have good managers and they handle my business right. It allows me to become a pure artist and work with my music. That’s it. It’s not rocket science with me.

WHO?MAG: How do you feel about the state of hip-hop today?
SEAN PRICE: Nebraska. Just Nebraska

WHO?MAG: So what’s next for Sean Price?
SEAN PRICE: I have the solo album in September. Then the Heltah Skeltah album. I have couple little projects coming out. Me and C-Ray Walz have a project coming out together called “Manimal”. We have mad stuff about to drop. Look out for that!