Speedknot Mobstaz
Chicago’s rap superstar Twista’ group, the Speedknot Mobstaz, are back after leaving Atlantic Records and now with Get Money Gang through Koch Distribution. Consisting of Mayz and Liffy Stokes, Speedknot Mobstaz have already proven that they can move units on their own. Check out this exclusive interview as they breakdown their new album, their relationship with Twista, and their new outlook on the independent scene.
interview by Thato Dadson

WHO?MAG: First tell me about the new album “Mobstability II: Nation Bizness”. What should we expect?
Speedknot Mobstaz: You should expect the same thing from what you heard late ’98 or ’99. Mobstability, which is hard music!

WHO?MAG: How did you guys hook up with Twista?
Speedknot Mobstaz: We met up in the streets battling. After awhile, we got to know each other and formed the Mobstaz.

WHO?MAG: How did the name “Speedknot Mobstaz” come about?
Speedknot Mobstaz: You know how some body hit you on the side of the head and you get a speedknot. So we added the Mobstaz at the end.

WHO?MAG: : How did the Koch deal happen?
Speedknot Mobstaz: This deal is under Twista’s label.

WHO?MAG: What happened over at Atlantic?
Speedknot Mobstaz: We had contract complications which ended up with us ending our contracts. So we did more work in the underground and sold over 300,000 units in the underground.

WHO?MAG: : Tell me about the new single “Money to Blow”.
Speedknot Mobstaz: That’s the new kick off track from the Mobstability II album. Right now, we are getting ready to get it to hit Chicago and the streets.

WHO?MAG: What kind of track is it?
Speedknot Mobstaz: It’s really like a party type track that you can just bump anywhere.

WHO?MAG: What’s going to make this album different from “Mobstability” you did back in 1998?
Speedknot Mobstaz: It’s really no different. We are still talking that gangster music, just using the topics of today. We got a cut on the album called “F@*K Bush”. We got a cut on there for the hood of Chicago. We are not forgetting where we came from. We even got a cut for the females on that thug love side. Basically it’s talking about the life of a hood nigga on some realness, no super gangsta music. It’s about the life. You need to hear the music.

WHO?MAG: I heard you have Jim Jones on the album. Is there anybody else we should expect?
Speedknot Mobstaz: Well, we wanted to keep this album strictly for the mobsters, so our fans and audience get an appreciation for us and our music.

WHO?MAG: How did the Charlie Murphy appearance come into play on one of your mixtapes?
Speedknot Mobstaz: That was on the mixtape we did with DJ Whoo Kid called “Tail Winds” and Charlie Murphy hosted.

WHO?MAG: How is your marketing game going to change now that you are going independently?
Speedknot Mobstaz: Well, really it’s like the major labels have to go through so many people on their roster that you get put lower on the totem pole. When you get with the indie label and they see your past history, they will put you higher on the pole, give you more attention, and have your creativity with it. It helps keep our work from being watered down.

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Speedknot Mobstaz and Twista?
Speedknot Mobstaz: Well, we plan on expanding on this label and spreading the Speedknot Mobstaz name all around and trying to get this corporate money.