Steve Porter
Boston native New York transplant House DJ/producer Steve Porter talks about his thoughts about this year’s Winter Music Conference, his new EP The Control, his DJ mix CD series Porterhouse. he also talks about Issues with samples and what’s in the works in the near future for him.
By William Hernandez

WHO?MAG: Talk about the new EP.
Steve Porter: This is me wiping the dust off the production world. I’ve been touring for the last 3 years so for me this year is all about getting back into the studio. The EP for me is a good starting point to where I’m heading musically. The direction I’m going. The EP are 4 tracks that are going to be off my upcoming album that is coming out at the end of May. The EP is a starting point where you would listen to my sound and see where I am right now.

WHO?MAG: Why did you decide to release it digitally via Beatport?
Steve Porter: Right now the better you market yourself online. Online marketing is the future and what the reality is right now.

WHO?MAG: What are your thoughts on this year’s Winter Music Conference?
Steve Porter: I was expecting it would be a bit tamer this year because of the economy and what not, but it seems people have made it down here and are still more enthusiastic. There are a lot of people down here this year.

WHO?MAG: Talk about your Porterhouse mix CD series volume 1 and 2. How did they come about?
Steve Porter: Just my good friend’s saying I should put a CD called Porterhouse because I have so many different kind of influences and styles. Porterhouse incases everything that I DJ, my sound. I think it was my friend’s goofing around saying you should do a thing called Porterhouse. For me it’s a brand that encapsulates my kind of varied sound.

WHO?MAG: On Porterhouse Volume 2 I noticed you had a lot of old school hip hop and house. Why did you decide to go that route?
Steve Porter: Because I used to listen to old school hip hop and house. I try to put the influence into the music itself, whether it be stuff I DJ or produce as well. I try to have fun and show the influences that I’ve acquired over the years in music that I play in the form of dance music.

WHO?MAG: As far as production equipment, what are you using now?
Steve Porter: Right now I’m using Ableton Live. I used to be a Pro Tools user, but Pro Tools became very expensive for me for the amount of upgrades and plug ins and what not. It became very expensive. Ableton is very slick as far as producing on the road and producing at home.

WHO?MAG: How do you approach your DJ sets?
Steve Porter: I try to get to the gig early and listen to what the previous DJ to know what he’s DJing. I make sure that the guy before me is playing Techno. I’ll try to mesh and fuse into that. I try to get to the gig an hour early and isten to the vibe and get the vibe of the party. Then play off the vibe of the party. That’s how I treat my DJ sets usually.

WHO?MAG: How do you approach producing?
Steve Porter: It’s just having fun in the studio and putting samples together. When I go into the studio, it’s all about having fun.

WHO?MAG: Have you ever had any issues with clearing any samples?
Steve Porter: Yeah actually I have! I put out a record a couple years ago that had a pretty prominent sample in it. I used a Cerrone sample from “Supernature” which is a very big disco track. They said you have to clear it. They sent us a cease and desist order. We were like damn! That sucks! I’ve had issues with samples before, so you have to be careful because people are listening.

WHO?MAG: DJ equipment wise, what are you using now?
Steve Porter: I do have Final Scratch and a thing called Mix Master by Numark. I still use CDs. I do edits on CDs. I burn them and for me it’s easy. I just show up at the clubs with CDs. For me it’s still basically easy to do that.