By William Hernandez


WHO?MAG:  What’s good Universol?  Let everyone know about your movement.
Universol:  The music we’re putting out, is what’s really good right now.  My movement is Stank Music; the essence of Hip Hop, Funk, & Soul.  I make it my business to ignite the party and excite your body.

WHO?MAG:  How did you get the name?
Universol:  I changed my name to Universol because it just seemed to fit at the time.   Music is a Universal Language, Hip Hop has become a Universal Culture, so why not have an artist who’s art is Universol.  It’s Sol for obvious reasons.  Sol also means Sun, so I make it my duty to always shine and bring new life to the game.  Victory.

WHO?MAG:  When did you get into hip hop? And how did you know it was what you were destined to do?
Universol:  I was born into Hip Hop.  My father is the Executive Producer of the Breakdancing record and the producer for KRS-One’s first record “Success is the Word”, among other things.  I’ve always been surrounded by music, so it was a natural thing for me to be involved in it.  I’m not sure when I actually thought I was destined to do this.  I think I started to realize the potential when I started doing shows and people would go crazy and throw money on stage.

WHO?MAG:  Lets talk about your new mixtape, whats the title and who did you collab with on the project?
Universol:  The new project is called “Put Some Stank On It: The Johnny Velvet Street LP”.  For production I collaborated with my usual producers Neve and Rickochae.   We’ve been carving a sound for ourselves, so it only made sense.  Bedtyme 357 hosted the project, DJ Stylus came thru and added some zigga zigga.

WHO?MAG:  When starting the project what did you want the end result to be?
Universol:  The end result is exactly what it is supposed to be, Funky, minus a few songs.  I’ll put those out later.

WHO?MAG:  How does it differ from your previous 2 mixtapes?
Universol:  Well the first one, The “Kokky” Mixtape was over other peoples tracks, “Wonder Boy Digital” we flipped Stevie Wonder samples, and this one here we just had fun and brought that Stank to the music.  For the “Kokky” joint I wanted people to get familiar with some of my previous work.  With “Wonder Boy Digital” I wanted everyone to take heed to my lyrical dexterity.  As far as “Put Some Stank On It” is concerned, I just wanted to make some Funky Music.  I was really focused on creating great songs and memorable moments for this project.

WHO?MAG:  What are you doing to get your buzz right and take your career to the next level?
Universol:  To keep my buzz going I’m staying consistent with creating high quality music and a killer live show.  I’m also taking my time to connect with the right people that I feel can assist in propelling my career forward.

WHO?MAG:  What’s next on the agenda?
Universol:  My focus right now is on touring.

WHO?MAG:  Where can we find you online?
Universol:  Online you can find me on my websites www.iamuniversol.com, www.universolmusic.com, www.killahproduckt.com.  Myspace.com/universol, twitter.com/universol, facebook.com/uni.v.sol, ilike.com and all your other social sites.  If you don’t see me on one of the social sites you can send me an email and I’ll get that profile up asap.  My email is killahproduckt@gmail.com.  Other than that, the “Di Cok” single is all over the online stores so you definitely want to pick it up.  iTunes, Amazon,
Rhapsody, Napster, Emusic , Beatsdigital, Junodownload, UKTranceAlliance, TuneTribe.  I’m sure there’s more, but I don’t know them all off hand.