VH-1’s “I Love Money” and “I Love New York” contestant Whiteboy comes through WHO?MAG to talk about him almost winning the $250,000. Check out this exclusive interview as he talks about the 12 Pack drama, Mr. Boston, and what its like to be on reality TV.
by Thato Dadson

WHO?MAG: who is white boy?
Whiteboy: Whiteboy is the next up and coming TV personality. He’s a native to the sunny beaches of Miami. He’s athletic and is going to be the number one TV, video, model, and actor all in one.

WHO?MAG: How did you get on “I Love New York”?
Whiteboy: It was a production of 51 Minds Productions who I first worked with when they shot a pilot of Trick Daddy’s show. I was one of the hosts on the show so when they came down to do a casting call, all I had to do was walk in and I got the gig.

WHO?MAG: What do you miss most about that show?
Whiteboy: I miss all the productions stuff that happened from waking up early in the morning to get mics strapped on to just everything. I really miss the cast members, only a few I cared about. But mainly, I miss all the production stuff that went on. I would have to say it was the best time of my life.

WHO?MAG: How did “I Love Money” come about?
Whiteboy: “I Love Money” was the same production company. They called me up telling me they were doing a show with an all-star coed cast and they wanted me in. I just told them just get Hoops and I’m in. Now before we get there, they told us we were competing for 100 grand, but when we got there, they told us it was for a quarter of a million now and that made things so much more interesting.

WHO?MAG: How did the whole drama happen with 12 pack?
Whiteboy: You know all I can say is it happened after “I Love New York” because he was eliminated before me. So when we got on “I Love Money”, I just got this vibe from him that he didn’t want me around and sure enough on the first episode of “I Love Money” he was already forming alliances against.

WHO?MAG: Do you still talk to Mr. Boston?
Whiteboy: Nah I don’t. I emailed him a couple times just to check up on him, like right after “I Got Money”. I shot him an email letting him know I didn’t have any grudges against him or anything and he was the same, so it was all love after that.

WHO?MAG: What is the main thing you take away from “I Love Money”?
Whiteboy: A lot of these shows you couldn’t really implement into your daily activities, but in “I Love Money”, it really taught me about alliances and how important it is to work with other people because it can make or break you. It helped you stay in longer on the show. Hopefully I can start making alliances like that in the real world so I can get closer to this meal ticket.

WHO?MAG: What was the toughest part of being on the show?
Whiteboy: The toughest part of the show was living with a bunch of people I didn’t know. Then another thing that was tough was the hot hot weather. And lastly, not having a connection with the regular world meaning no cell phone, no laptops, and no TV.

WHO?MAG: What’s next?
Whiteboy: The sky’s the limit man. I’m trying to get my own show on VH-1 with 51 minds productions. I’m talking some deals with some clothing lines as being their spokesperson. I’m working on getting some scripts so I can get into some acting in some major motion pictures, but most importantly just staying healthy and stay grinding’.