Wise Intelligent
From the legendary hip-hop group that made you “Rock This Funky Joint” comes the lead rapper from Poor Righteous Teachers and he brings you his latest solo release “The Talented Timothy Taylor” Check out what Wise has to say about the state of hip-hop today and what’s next in store for PRT!
Interview by Rob Schwartz

WHO?MAG: So what’s the latest with Wise Intelligent?
Wise Intelligent: Right now I am about to bang out this solo joint. The Wise Intelligent is the Talented Timothy Taylor. The joint is banging. The title speaks for itself. It’s a throwback to the era when the hottest MC was determined by his skill level as opposed to the marketing dollars behind it. We’re taking it back to when the talent is what determines the hottest MC. Wise intelligent, Poor Righteous Teachers. That flavor. You know what I mean? That’s what I’m doing this year.

WHO?MAG: So how do you feel about hip-hop right now in 2005?
Wise Intelligent: I love hip-hop right now. I love some of these young artists. I am kind of concerned about the lack of progression. There is no real change. No one is bringing the next big thing. The next big thing hasn’t come yet. No one is really pushing the envelope on the creativity or keeping the skill level up. Right now there are a lot of guys copying other guys. I feel that MC’s should be bringing something new to the table. That’s how I judge an MC, based off what he brings to the table. The era when we come from, the Poor Righteous Teachers, the Rakim’s of the world, the Naughty by Natures. The KRS-One’s of the world, the Leaders of the New School, The Tribe Called Quests. Back then, everyone was different. Right now everyone is the same thing. Like everyone is against it. I think heads really need to think about the creativity of the culture. That’s what is hurting hip-hop right now is the lack of creativity. Nobody is bringing anything new to the table

WHO?MAG: So what is “The Talented Timothy Taylor” album going to bring to the table?
Wise Intelligent: Oh, believe me. Flows, ridiculous flows. Beats, ridiculous beats. The production is being handled by the Havnots, a crew from out of Jersey, the young boy Oh No out of California. Madlib’s little brother is on the joint, Trackzilla, Ambush from out of San Francisco is on the joint. The joint is going to be crazy. It’s going to take hip-hop to another level back to the era of just hot albums. Back to when you can listen to an album from front to back. You might want to rewind, but you don’t want to fast forward.

WHO?MAG: What kind of advice could you give an artist who is copying other styles to get on?
Wise Intelligent: The science is with the new emcee coming up is to never simulate. Don’t jump on it because you hear it on the radio. The way you are going to stand out, the way you are going to get your shine on is to just be you. If you want to stand out in a crowd, wear something pink, like Cam’ron. That’s how heads are going to notice you. Try to stand out. That’s the only way you will get recognized. The only way to do that is to walk across the street and walk away from the crowd. Develop your own thing. That’s how you do it if you want to want to get the paper in this industry right here. Originality is a must.

WHO?MAG: So what’s next up for Wise Intelligent?
Wise Intelligent: Next year in 2006, the fourth quarter, Poor Righteous teachers will be dropping a new joint. The movement is just moving.